Why SellMyGadget

SellMyGadget makes selling your unwanted device easier and gives you peace of mind.

Better rates, faster
You can compare prices from multiple buyers immediately in one place, giving you better rates and saving you time. Our partners include both market leading brands and smaller organisations who may specialise in your particular gadget and hence offer you a better price. We currently work with a range of recyclers spanning all the categories on our site.

Reputable buyers
You can be confident that you are dealing with reputable buyers because we personally check the credentials of all our partners before they are added to our site. We have worked with some of these organisations for many years and are confident that they provide a high quality service.

We also collect feedback continually from our sellers. You can read reviews from sellers on our customer reviews page.

Environmentally responsible 
We ensure that all the buyers on our site will reuse or recycle your gadget in accordance with the latest UK regulations. We personally check that all our buyers are certified by the Environment Agency and have a commercial Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) licence for the correct disposal of electrical and electronic waste.