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Have an old smartwatch that’s seen better days or you now don’t use? Why not search Sell My Gadget and get the best price guaranteed for your old device, as we connect you with buyers and recyclers who can help. Find the make and model of your smartwatch in our search bar and compare the best prices instantly. Alternatively, browse our full list of manufacturers and models below and select your device. Search now and we’ll help you sell my smartwatch for a great price!

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Sell Your Smartwatch for the Best Price

Since the arrival of smartwatches, they have been an extremely popular gadget for those looking for wrist-based access to information, such as their heart rate or notifications. Now a few years since they were first released, many new models from the biggest manufacturers have come and gone. You may have purchased one of the first smartwatches and now have your eye on the latest model to upgrade to. If so, rather than keep your old smartwatch, why not use our search function to see its current value? Here at Sell My Gadget, we’ve partnered with specialist buyers and recyclers who will help you get the best prices guaranteed for when you want to sell my smartwatch.

All you need to do is enter the manufacturer name and model into our search bar and click ‘compare price now’. Then in an instant, we’ll show you the buyers who are looking for your smartwatch to purchase. It really is as simple as that and then all you have to do is choose the best offer available. Whether you have an Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy, Alcatel, Huawei or many others, you can find the best value to sell my old smartwatch today through us.

Sell My Used Smartwatch & More

Don’t worry if your device is not in the best condition and far from new and unsued, as we understand that over the years your smartwatch will show signs of general wear and tear. All you need to do is after searching for your device, update the filter on the left to reflect if it is working condition or broken. This way, when you sell my smartwatch, you’ll see the most accurate values from possible and minimise the value being revised or changed when the buyer checks your device. It isn’t always possible to get a great value from your gadget when you sell your smartwatch, especially if it is beyond repair, not working or deemed unsellable by the buyer. If this is the case with the smartwatch you want to sell, then we can still help you dispose of and recycle the device responsibly.

All of our partners are committed to being responsible and will help reuse and recycle valuable materials that are contained within your gadgets. When you sell my used smartwatch, if the buyer cannot resell the device they will look to responsibly dispose of any materials that cannot be recycled, whilst ensuring any precious metals contained go back into the production of new smartwatches.

Not only can we help you to sell my old smartwatch, if you have any other gadgets you’re not sure what to do with, we can help you find a great price for them too. Have an old mobile, laptop, or tablet? Search for these and more using our simple, instant search. If you want to sell my smartwatch and have any queries about using our service, please contact us directly and our team will be more than happy to help.

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Sell my Smartwatch FAQs

Can I Sell My Old Smartwatch if it is Broken?

Whilst you will receive the best offers for devices in a good and working condition, we can connect you with buyers who are willing to help buy a device that is damaged or not working. When you sell your smartwatch, you will need to define the condition it is in and detail any damage it currently has. This is so you will receive the best price possible for its condition. Please note, some buyers will have different requirements of what is deemed a ‘working’ or ‘broken’ device. Any smartwatch is deemed unsellable if it is in the following conditions:

• Water damaged
• Twisted, bent, crushed or snapped
• Is a fake (counterfeit) device

Any smartwatch that cannot turn on or has damage to the screen or casing should be defined as broken when searching for buyers. Please check the terms and conditions for your chosen buyer before proceeding with the sale.

Most buyers will be able to transfer you the agreed price for your device within 1 or 2 working days after receiving and checking your smartwatch’s condition. If after you sell your smartwatch you have not received the funds within this timeframe, please contact the buyer directly. Usually, they will email you confirmation they have received your device and then process the payment via the agreed method. The quickest methods of receiving payments are via bank transfer to your account or via PayPal. If a seller agrees to send a cheque or voucher, this will normally take longer. Please note, some delays can be experienced and sometimes take several working days to credit your bank account. If you have not received a response from the buyer within 48 hours, please contact us to investigate.

There are many options for buyers after you sell my smartwatch. If the device is in good condition and working, they may choose to resell it. If it is in a broken condition, they may choose to refurbish or repair the smartwatch to then be resold. In most cases, buyers will always look to sell on your device after purchase as generally only devices that cannot be repaired or beyond economical refurbishment will be recycled. If they choose to recycle, any reusable components will be extracted, and the remaining materials responsibly disposed of.