Sending your gadget

Sending your phone, laptop, or tablet to your chosen recycling company is straightforward. 

The majority of the recycling companies on our database offer a free postage service. Meaning, selling and sending your device will come at no cost to you. But, you can check if your chosen company you're selling your device to, offers free postage before selecting the offer. 

Alternatively, you may decide to send your phone, laptop, or tablet yourself. For example, via Royal Mail Special Delivery, or a courier service. We highly recommend this option, especially when you are sending a high-value product or multiple devices in a single postage pack. 

We would also advise not to send more than two devices in a single postage pack. 

Preparing your device to send

Before packing the device, we recommend that you: 

  • Charging any batteries 
  • Factory resetting the device. This will ensure that there is no personal data left on the device 
  • Remove any SIM or SD cards, or any other accessories containing your personal data 
  • Include the battery for your device
Please note that you do not need to send any accessories or chargers for your device. 

Packaging your device

Ensure that your phone, laptop, or other device is packaged well, and protected. Make sure that the device does not move around in the postage pack, and that the device is cushioned. For example, using rigid cardboard packaging, and bubble wrap to package your device for sending. This will ensure that your device does not get damaged during transit. 

Please make sure to double-check everything before sealing the package, and sending it off. 

After the recycling company has received your device, the buyer will send you an email confirming receipt.