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Have an old Samsung phone you want to trade-in for a new model? By using our search bar here at Sell My Gadget, you will be able to find the best prices guaranteed for your device model in an instant. We compare prices of trusted recyclers and buyers so you don’t have to – just enter the make and model in the search and we’ll do the rest. Sell your Samsung phone for the best prices available through us.

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Sell Your Samsung Phone at The Best Price

Over the years, you may have built up a collection of Samsung smartphones as you have not been sure what to do with them. What was once your must-have and most used gadget, is now gathering dust on a shelf or stored away. That’s where we can help you here at Sell My Gadget. In an instant, you can search for the make and model of your device and see how much you could sell it for through one of our partners. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy A70 or an older A3, we can show you how much you can get for it in just a couple of clicks. Why spend time searching the web for the best price when you can do it through us much quicker?

Maybe you have your eye on the latest model of Samsung phone and want to raise the funds to purchase one – we can help you do exactly that by showing you how much you can sell your current Samsung for and connect you with a buyer in seconds. Even if your device has some damage, there may still be value in it to sell! If not, then our recyclers can help you dispose of your device responsibly and ensure valuable parts are reused. Why not find out the value of your device and sell my Samsung today.

We Can Help You Sell Your Samsung Phone Responsibly

We ensure all of our partners work responsibly to recycle your device when you sell my Samsung, ensuring if they cannot refurbish or re-sell, that they responsibly disposed of it. This involves ensuring any precious metals or materials that are used in the manufacture of your phone are recovered and put back into the production process. Being responsible is extremely important to us and we make sure all companies we partner with follow Environmental Agency guidelines and all hold a commercial Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) licence.

Have any questions about Sell My Gadget? Need to know more about how to sell your Samsung phone? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to advise more on how it works. You can find a list of common questions we receive, with answers, in our FAQs section. We look forward to helping you get the best price possible when you sell my Samsung. Have any other gadgets that you want to sell? We can help you get the best price for your Gaming Console, Tablet, Smartwatch or Laptop amongst others, so why not discover the hidden value in your old gadgets today.

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Sell my Samsung Phone FAQs

How Can I Get the Best Price When I Sell My Samsung Phone?

We can help you compare the best prices on the market for your Samsung phone, but to receive the best price you will need to ensure your device is in good condition and fully functioning. Any damage will significantly decrease the value of your device, so you will need to consider this when looking to sell my Samsung phone. It’s important to be as accurate as possible when entering the condition of your device after searching for prices. You also need to ensure you choose the correct model and storage capacity of the phone to reflect an accurate price.

You will need to describe it as either working, new or broken and the price offered will update accordingly. A broken device is any Samsung phone that has a cracked screen, casing, or heavy wear. If the device doesn’t turn on or has liquid damage, then you may not be able to sell the device. To be considered working, every part of the phone needs to work. Whilst some cosmetic wear is accepted, it must not have any chips, dents, or cracks.

To be able to sell your Samsung phone, you will need to ensure it is not locked to any network. You will need to contact the network the device is currently locked to and request this is lifted. Unfortunately, none of our recycling companies will be able to purchase a Samsung phone that is currently locked to a network. We recommend that before you agree to sell your Samsung phone that you ensure you have already removed the network lock from it. If your device was purchased unlocked originally, check to ensure that your current network isn’t locked to it just in case.

Once you have chosen a buyer and accepted their offer for your Samsung phone, the buyer will send you a postage pack to safely send your device in the post. It’s best to securely pack with bubble wrap or cardboard to ensure the phone is not loose in the package. For added peace of mind, we recommend sending your Samsung phone via Royal Mail Special Delivery as this will provide you with a tracking number. Depending on the value of your device, this will ensure that it is insured if for any reason it doesn’t arrive with the buyer.