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Do you have old mobile phones hidden away at home that could be reused? Even ones that are broken and not working? Instead of keeping hold of them, why not ask yourself “can I sell my old phone?” By using Sell My Gadget you can do exactly that and it’s really simple to do. We’ve brought together some of the biggest phone recyclers to provide you with a great price for your old phone, meaning you can use the money and put it towards something more useful like a brand-new phone.

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Sell My Phone in the UK at the Best Price

We’ve all done it, put an old phone away that for years was never far from your pocket and unthinkable to be without, never to be used again. Either you’ve had your head turned for the latest upgraded model or you’ve worn your battery down after years of use that your old phone became unreliable and just put out of sight. Whilst some people do trade in their phone when buying a new one, there are still many others who either forget to or keep hold of an old one ‘just in case’. However, they could be sitting on cash that could be used for something more useful and at the same time recycle valuable materials for someone else to benefit from instead. Rather than thinking “I’ll need a spare phone just in case,” start thinking “I could sell my old phone for cash!” Here at Sell My Gadget, we can make it happen easily and it all starts with a quick search.

Sell My Old Phone & More

We want our customers to sell my phone in the UK without the hassle of looking through individual websites to find the best price available. We’ve streamlined the process so that you can receive the support you need quicker and, more importantly, your cash fast. To sell my old phone it’s as simple as finding your phone make and model and briefly detailing the storage capacity, condition, and the network it is currently locked to so that you will receive instantly an accurate price. We’ll highlight the best available price for your mobile and all you have to do is click Sell Now to go to checkout.

By recycling your phone, you are helping the environment in being responsible, making sure that the precious and rare metals used in its production can be reused instead of re-mined. This follows compliance with Environmental Agency regulations, which all of the recyclers we use comply to and hold a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) licence. If you have any question regarding sell my phone online, please do get in touch today or browse our helpful FAQs. If whilst finding old phones you want to sell, you have other gadgets that are gathering dust, see what you could earn from them through us! Whether you have an old Laptop, gaming console, smartwatch, tablet or camera we can help you find the best price guaranteed.

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Sell my Old Phone FAQs

I Want to Sell My Broken Phone That’s Not Working, Can You Still Help?

We get many people querying “can I sell my broken phone?” and we’re happy to say yes, we can. Despite your device not working or being broken, it still contains valuable materials needed for the production of phones, so many recyclers are happy to take in damaged devices. Search for your device as normal in our search bar and when presented with the results page, choose from the condition filter ‘broken’ to update the quoted prices. Please note that to sell my phone in the UK if it is either liquid damaged or doesn’t power on you will need to check with the recycler if they can still help as some may reject them. A device will be deemed unsellable if liquid damaged, twisted, bent, crushed, or snapped, as well as fake devices, so you will need to consider this when you want to sell my broken phone.

To be able to sell my old mobile, you will need to ensure the device is not locked to a network. This is because it restricts how the phone can be recycled, so you will need to contact the network it was purchased from and request they lift this restriction. If you are not sure if the phone is barred, you will need to check where it was purchased from. If it was purchased from a service provider then a bar would’ve been put in place. If you bought directly from the manufacturer then it may already be unlocked from this barring. If you bought the phone second hand then you will need to find out from the seller if it was locked. Feel free to use our search function to get a quote to sell my old mobile, but before proceeding with the sale, make sure it is unlocked.

To receive payment when you want to sell my phone online you will need to ensure the condition, make and model are all accurate to avoid any issues once the seller receives your phone. Payment can be provided via different methods, including bank transfer, PayPal, Cheque, voucher, gift card or even a charity donation if you so choose. Once your phone has been received by the buyer and checked, they will notify you and you should receive payment within 1-2 business days. If for some reason you have not received payment within this time, please note that in some instances it may take up to several working days to be received. You will receive full contact details for the buyer to contact them directly in this instance if you need to query payment.