Sell my Apple iPhone 6S 32 GB

Want to sell your iPhone 6S for a great price? We make it easy at Sell my Gadget by providing you with the available buyers and prices in one handy place. All you need to do is fill in the details of your Apple iPhone 6S. Simply input the details of your iPhone 6S, including the GB, capacity, and condition. Then you'll have a list of your options, and prices recyclers will offer for your iPhone 6S.

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Sell my iPhone 6S 32 GB

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Sell My iPhone 6S for a Great Price

Selling your iPhone 6S couldn’t be easier. If you no longer want your iPhone 6S, don’t just leave it gathering dust in your drawer or keeping it just for the sake of it, use our helpful comparison tool to sell it for the best price possible. Once you have entered the details and condition of your iPhone 6S, you’ll see a list of buyers who we partner with that are interesting in buying your old iPhone. Once you’ve chosen your buyer, you’ll only be a few clicks away from completing the order. All you need to do is fill in some further information on your gadget, and you’ll receive instructions for what to do next! Usually, this involves simply packaging your iPhone up securely, sending it to the buyer, and receiving your payment within 1 to 2 working days.

The Best Place to Sell My iPhone 6S 16GB

Whether you’re selling an iPhone 6Swith 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB, there will be a buyer willing to pay for your gadget. Not only is selling your iPhone a fantastic way to get paid for something you no longer need, but it’s great for being responsible for the environment. We choose our partners carefully, so each buyer you see listed on our website are committed to their environmental credentials. The buyers will either recycle your iPhone 6S or refurbish it and sell it to a new buyer, giving it a brand new home and helping the environment in the process.

If you’re wondering ‘how do I sell my old phone?’ You’ve come to the right place. Many of our buyers accept broken and old iPhones as they can still use the parts for refurbishing new phones. However, make sure you check about the conditions each buyer accepts before completing your details. Although your old broken iPhone 6S will be worth less money than one in good condition, it’s still worth selling your old phone rather than leaving it lying around at home!

If you have any questions on how to sell my Apple iPhone 6S or other make of phones, then please contact us, and we can help. Alternatively, read our FAQ page for further information on us at Sell My Gadget.

Sell My iPhone 6S FAQs

How do I Sell My iPhone 6S?

With Sell My Gadget, selling your iPhone 6S couldn’t be easier! There so are many recycling companies out there that will pay for your gadgets, including your iPhone 6S, that it can sometimes be difficult to find the best price available – which is where we come in. When you’re wondering how and where to sell my Apple iPhone 6S, you can simply browse through your options on Sell My Gadget and compare the prices to find the best one. Once you’ve chosen your preferred buyer, you can click the corresponding link on our website, and you’ll be asked to fill in a few details. The buyer will then send you all the information you need to send off your iPhone 6S and the next steps. To sell my Apple iPhone 6S couldn’t be easier!

How Long After I Sell My iPhone 6S 16GB Will I Receive the Money?

Once you have posted your iPhone 16GB, it won’t be long before you receive the agreed amount, as most buyers pay within 1 to 2 working days of receiving the item. You’ll receive a notification from the buyer once they have your gadget, and then they will inspect the iPhone 6S to make sure it’s in the same condition as described by the seller. However, if you have sent your parcel and not heard from the buyer for a long time after the estimated delivery date, then please contact the buyer directly. We only list legit and trusted buyers, so there’s no need to panic about receiving your money. It’s worth remembering that bank transfers and PayPal payment methods are a lot quicker to process than cheques and vouchers when you choose your preferred payment method. If you are having trouble contacting your buyer, please contact us.

Can I Sell My iPhone 6S 16GB if it’s Broken?

It’s probably no surprise that an iPhone 6S 16GB that is in good condition and working well is worth a higher selling price. However, you can still sell your iPhone 6S to many buyers. If your iPhone 6S is broken, whether it’s got a cracked screen or a faulty lock button, there will still be parts inside the phone of value to some buyers. When providing details of your iPhone 6S to the buyer, you’ll need to fully disclose the condition of your phone. If you don’t describe the condition accurately this could affect receiving the agreed payment.


When comparing buyers and prices on our sell my Apple iPhone 6S page, you can use our filters to change the condition from ‘working’, ‘new’ and ‘broken’, and the prices will change accordingly. Please note, if your iPhone 6S no longer switches on or has liquid damage, the buyer might not accept this, so be sure to check on the buyer’s website before submitting your iPhone.