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Have an old laptop you want to sell but not sure where to find the best price? Use our search bar to find your laptop make and model and get the price available in an instant here at Sell My Gadget!

We compare recyclers and buyers all in one convenient place so you can spend less time looking to sell my laptop online, and see all of the available prices together after clicking ‘compare price now’. So, rather than keeping your old laptop hidden away gathering dust for a ‘just in case’ scenario, see how much you could get today whilst doing your bit to help the environment with recycling reusable materials.

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Sell My Old Laptop for an Instant Quote

It’s a situation everyone has when they decide to upgrade their tired, used but reliable laptop for a new model; what should I do with my old one and could I sell my laptop online? However, many people put this off, instead putting their old laptop into storage or hidden away in a cupboard or drawer with the promise to “get around to it” another day. Little do many people realise is they could potentially get a great price instead whilst helping the environment by reusing precious materials in production or giving their laptop a new home. By being responsible here at Sell My Gadget, we can help you choose from recyclers and buyers who are certified by the Environment Agency and hold a Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) licence, so you can rest assured your old laptop will be disposed of or reused in the right way.

All you have to do is search for the make and model of your laptop and we’ll show you instantly the buyers and recyclers can help you. From there you can provide further details, such as if the device is working or broken, and get a more accurate quote. Once you are happy with the price, click ‘Sell Now’ and you can then provide further information for the buyer – quick and simple, and couldn’t be easier to sell my PC laptop or Mac through us.

Sell My Laptop Online with Ease!

Whichever make of laptop computer you currently have, including Apple, HP, Dell and more, we can help you responsibly recycle and sell my old laptop for a great price. You can find out more about how it works as well as why using Sell My Gadget is a great idea, or you can get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help with your query. Stop asking “how do I sell my laptop in the UK?” and find out in an instant how much you can get for your old laptop today.

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Sell my Laptop in the UK FAQs

When I Sell My PC Laptop, Does Sell My Gadget Buy It?

No, we do not purchase the laptop from you ourselves, instead, we show you the recyclers and buyers via comparison that will when looking to sell my old laptop. We provide the platform for which you can find multiple buyers at once in an instant, making the process more convenient and much quicker for you. We receive a small percentage of the purchase price from the buyer without it affecting your selling price, as you will still receive the best price guaranteed when you want to sell my PC laptop.

Depending on the buyer, many will still offer to purchase your broken laptop as the materials it contains, despite being broken, can still be used. However, there are conditions to what a broken laptop can be, and this will vary depending on the buyer. When searching for a price to sell my broken laptop in the UK, ensure you have ticked the filter saying ‘broken’ to see a list of recyclers willing to help. To sell my laptop in the UK, it must not be:

- Water damaged in any way
- Twisted, bent, crushed, or snapped
- A fake or counterfeit laptop

To sell my laptop in the UK when it is broken, a recycler will accept:

- If the laptop doesn’t turn on or off
- The display is broken, cracked or bleeding
- The operating system is not working properly or is corrupt
- Any of the speakers, microphone, buttons, or battery are damaged
- The body of the laptop has major chips or dents
- The laptop battery is defective, missing or does not charge properly

You will need to carefully check the terms and conditions of the buyer you choose to ensure that the condition of your laptop is acceptable otherwise they may reject your laptop once received.

After you’ve found the price you’re happy to sell my old laptop for, there are a few things you will need to check and include in your package to the buyer:

- Make sure the battery is charged on your laptop so it can be turned and checked by the buyer.
- Fully erase the data on your laptop by performing a factory reset so that no personal data or information is left on it.
- Remove any memory cards you may have left in SD card slots for example, and any other additional connected items such as portable hard drives. Also, any CDs or DVDs in disc drives should be removed if the laptop has one.
- Please include with the laptop the charging cable and plug/adaptor.
- When packaging, ensure your laptop has sufficient padding and protection to minimise the risk of damage during transit, such as bubble wrap or using a sturdy cardboard box.

The buyer will confirm if they require any documentation in your package when sending to them and will send you a postage pack with information. Once you have included everything you need to send, ensure the package is well sealed before sending.