Who is SellMyGadget.com? Does SellMyGadget.com buy my device? What is an IMEI number? For how long are the offers for my device valid?

Sell My Gadget is a price comparison website. We search & provide prices from a range of carefully selected recycling partners, to help our customers get the best possible price for their devices. Our comparison engine provides prices from some of the most popular, and trustworthy recycling companies in the UK. Meaning you can instantly choose the best offer for your phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices. 

Once you have chosen the offer you prefer, you will be able to accept this offer and are put directly in touch with the recycling company. Here you will provide them with your contact details, and the recycling company will send you: 

  • A confirmation email, containing the details of the sale 
  • A postage pack to your selected address. This allows you to pack your old device safely, and send it to the buyer/recycling company
  • A Royal Mail Freepost label, that you will need to print and attach to the packaged device 

No, SellMyGadget.com does not buy your device. We are a price comparison site that enables our customers to find the best offer for their old and unwanted devices. 

To find out how much money you could get for your old device, simply enter the name and model of the device into the search box on our homepage, then click search! 

Within a few seconds, our comparison engine will display prices from our carefully selected buyers/ recycling companies in our database. This allows you to instantly compare offers, and choose the best option for you. 

The price you could get for your old device depends on several factors: 

  • Normal functionality 
  • Overall condition 
  • Model 
  • Whether the screen is working 
  • If the device is locked or unlocked 
  • Storage capacity 

To ensure you receive the correct price for your unwanted phone, laptop, or other devices:

  • If your phone is locked to a network, please remember to select the 'locked to a network' option, and define which network this is
  • Do not forget to select the internal storage capacity for your device 

In most cases, the model of your phone, tablet, or smartwatch can be found in the 'Settings', 'About this phone' or, 'About this device' section in your devices' settings. 

For Windows PCs and Laptops, the model information can be found under the menu 'my computer. For Apple Macbook, and iMac, the model information can be found under the menu 'about this mac'. 

With Gaming Consoles for Microsoft Xbox, follow the steps from Xbox. For Sony Playstations, follow the steps from Playstation

For some Digital Cameras, the make and model will be listed within the menu settings. Almost all will have a sticker on the body of the camera, stating the serial number. This can be used to check the make/model from the relevant manufacturer's website. As per Canon's website

Still not sure how to find the make/model of your device? We recommend doing a quick search online, checking the user manual for your device, or using the manufacturer's website. 

An IMEI number is a 15-digit serial number that uniquely identifies your mobile phone. IMEI stands for “International Mobile Equipment Identity”. Networks use this IMEI number to identify a phone as lost or stolen or to ban it from connecting to networks, if necessary. Recycling companies in our database will sometimes ask for this IMEI number in advance and they will check it upon receipt of your phone to identify any illegal devices or activities.

To find out your phone’s IMEI number, type in *#06# on your keypad. Alternatively, you can look up the number in your mobile phone’s settings or search online to find out where to find the IMEI number for your phone.

Unfortunately, the recycling companies in our database do not buy mobile phones that are barred (network barred). The only way to sell such a device via SellMyGadget.com is to ask your service provider to release the bar first. Contact your provider and ask them to remove the network bar before trying to sell your device. Once you have received confirmation that it has been unbarred, you can proceed with your sale on SellMyGadget.com

Most of the recycling companies in our database offer a free postage service. You can check if the company you’re selling to offers free postage before choosing their offer.

Alternatively, you may decide to send in your device yourself e.g. via Royal Mail Special Delivery or a courier service. We highly recommend this, especially when you are about to send a high-value product or multiple devices in a single postage pack.

Please ensure that your item does not get damaged during transit. For example by using rigid cardboard packaging or bubble wrap to cushion your device.

The process of sending your device is very simple. Before sending your device we would recommend: 

  • Charging the batteries on your device 
  • Performing a factory reset on your device, to ensure there is no personal adat left on the device 
  • Remove any SIM Cards, SD Cards, or any other accessories which could contain any personal data 
  • Checking whether the buyer/ recycler requires chargers to be included in the postage pack

When sending your device, we would recommend including:

  • The device 
  • The battery for the device 
  • If required, the charger or adaptor for the device (the recycler will specify this)
  • Sufficient packaging to keep the device safe, and protected (e.g. by using stiff cardboard or bubble wrap)
  • No more than 2 devices in a single postage pack

Note: You do not need to send accessories or chargers unless specified by the buyer/ recycler. 

Once you have double-checked that all specified items are included in a well-protected package, seal the parcel and send it to the buyer/ recycler as per their instructions. 

If this is a particular concern, we would recommend that you send the device yourself via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Ensuring that you receive a tracking number for the parcel. With this tracking number, you are able to view where your package is, in transit, at any given time. 

Usually, within a few days after you accept an offer on your device, the buyer (recycler) should send you a postage pack. This is for you to use to pack your old device safely, and send it to them. 

Please note that postage packs make take several business days to arrive. If more than 5 business days have passed, and you have still not received a postage pack, you should contact the buyer/ recycler's customer service team. Normally, contact details for buyer/recyclers can be found in the confirmation email sent to you, or alternatively, on their website. 

If you are unsure how to do this, you can get in touch with Sell My Gadget support team at support@sellmygadget.com and we will be happy to help. 

The time in which the buyer/ recycler will receive your device can vary. Please read the details provided by the buyer/recycler on how long it takes for them to process deliveries. 

After receiving your device, the recycler (i.e. the buyer of your phone or other devices) should send you an email confirming receipt of your device.

SellMyGadget.com offers several payment methods to enable you to receive money for your old device. The most commonly used methods of payment by the companies listed on our website are:

  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal
  • Cheque
  • Voucher or gift card
  • Charity donation

You should expect to receive the payment from the buyer within 1-2 business days after receiving an acknowledgment from them that they have received your device.

Most recycling companies in our comparison engine uphold their offer for around 14 days. Each will state their timeframe. If you are happy with the price offered, we recommend that you accept their offer immediately and continue with the transaction as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, a company may decide to revise its offer after inspecting your device. This mainly happens when the actual condition of the device differs from the condition that the buyer was expecting. So it is important to be specific when filling out the details on SellMyGadget.com during your process of selling your old device.

If the company revises its offer, you will have the option of either rejecting or accepting the revised quotation from the buyer.

Normally, customers should receive payments from the buyer/recycler within 1-2 business days, after receiving acknowledgment of receiving the device. However, sometimes this may take several business days for the payment to come through after you have sent your device. 

In this case, please contact the buyers/recyclers' customer services team directly. This information can be found on their website, or on the email confirmation that you have received. 

Should you experience continued issues, please contact our support team who will be able to help with resolving any issues. 

Please note that SellMyGadget.com is a comparison website. We are not involved in the transaction process, nor do we receive or accept any devices.

In most cases, yes. Even if your device doesn't work, or is broken, most buyers/recyclers will still make you an offer on SellMyGadget.com However, please note that prices for devices that are not functioning are usually lower than for fully functional devices.

To find out how much money you will get for a broken device, use the search function on our homepage. Simply type in the name and model of your device, and select 'broken'. You will see a range of offers, from which you can choose the one which is most appealing. 

There is a difference between a device that is working, a device that is broken, and a device that is unsellable. Every recycling company in our database may have a slightly different definition, but here are some general points for classifying what is a broken or non-working device. 

Working device:

  • Your device turns on and off without any problems
  • The operating system works without issues
  • The body of the device is mostly undamaged (perhaps with a few scuffs from everyday use)
  • The screen works and is not broken or cracked
  • The battery works and charges without issues

Broken device:

  • You cannot turn your device on / off
  • The screen/display of your device is broken, cracked, or bleeding
  • Your device’s operating system is corrupt and does not work
  • Speakers, microphone, buttons, aerial or battery are broken or not working properly
  • The body of your device shows major chips and dents
  • Your device’s battery is defective or missing or does not charge properly

Unsellable device:

  • The device has water damage
  • The device is twisted, bent, crushed, or even snapped
  • A fake device (counterfeit)

The definitions above can only be a general guide. We highly recommend reviewing the terms & conditions of the buyer you have chosen before you sell your device.

No. It is illegal to sell a lost or stolen phone.

Please note that any recycling company that receives a device that has been reported as ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ would need to report it to the police and relevant authorities and will not pay for the device.

If the device is indeed yours and you reported it as stolen and then found it, please contact your network to revoke the report that it was stolen before trying to sell it.

The buyer/recycling company has several options as to what to do with a phone, laptop, or other devices once they receive them. Depending on the condition of the device, it could be either: 

  • Repaired
  • Refurbished
  • Resold
  • Recycled

In practice, most mobile phones will be repaired or refurbished so that they can be reused.

If the device is too damaged or a very old model, parts will be removed. With metals and other recyclable elements extracted. Then, any remaining materials are disposed of, in an environmentally way. 

However the device is recycled, please note that once you have sold your device, it is the sole responsibility of the recycling company what they do with it. As we have carefully checked the credentials of all of the companies we partner with our site, you can be confident that it will be handled in line with the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations.

There is no limit as to how many devices you can sell via SellMyGadget.com 

You may want to consider selling your devices separately, this way, you can sell the device to the buyer offering the best price. Rather than selling a number of devices to a single buyer. By doing so, you are more likely to receive a higher price for all of the devices combined. 

If you are unable to find the make or model of mobile, laptop, games console, or another device on Sell My Gadget, it is likely that the buyers we have partnered with, are not currently offering to buy this device. 

We carefully select our recycling partners from the most popular and trustworthy recycling websites. We continually review these partners based on feedback from our users.

Sell My Gadget receives a small percentage of the purchase price from the buyer or recycling company when they receive a device via Sell My Gadget. This does not mean that the consumer receives a lower price for their phone or laptop. As Sell My Gadget directs the consumers to the buyers, the buyers and recycling companies are able to spend less money on advertising. Meaning that these buyers are able to still offer competitive purchases prices. 

If you still have questions after reading this page, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our support team. Contact Us