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Have an old drone camera you no longer use? Or are you interested in seeing the value of your drone today? Then use our search bar above to see how much you can sell my drone for and compare prices from buyers in an instant. Just enter the make and model of your drone camera and we’ll show you all the available buyers and recyclers that can assist. Use Sell My Gadget today and take the hard work out of selling your old devices.

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Sell Used Drone Cameras Easily

It’s been a few years since drones have become more commonplace in people’s homes around the country, thanks to smaller, more mobile models that have also become much more affordable to purchase. Offering a mix of remote control toy with camera capabilities, all the way up to professional level photography and filmmaking tool, the drone camera has come a long way. With newer innovations and models releasing more regularly, you may have been an early adopter of a drone camera but now want to upgrade to a newer version – but what to do with your current model? Maybe you want to sell my drone as you haven’t used it as much as you thought, instead kept it in its box unused, or you feel someone else would get more use out of it. Whatever your reason to sell, we can assist and help find you a buyer.

There are plenty of buyers out there who will be happy to buy your drone from you and look to refurbish and sell on, or responsibly recycle for you. At Sell My Gadget, we have made the process of finding a buyer to sell used drone cameras to nice and simple. All you have to do is use our search function at the top of the page and enter the make and model of your drone camera. We’ll then instantly show you buyers for it and how much they are willing to offer. It couldn’t be simpler, and you can start today to see how much your drone is worth.

Compare Prices & Sell My Drone Today!

We compare prices to sell my drone so you don’t have to search the web looking for individual websites yourself. Within a few clicks, you can find a buyer and choose a price you’re happy to sell for. Then it’s just a matter of boxing your drone camera up and sending to the buyer who will check the condition, then once done, send you your cash!

Each of the buyers we connect you with work responsibly to ensure your gadget is treated carefully and determine the best use for your old drone once sold. Our partners all comply with Environmental Agency regulations and hold a commercial Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) licence. If they cannot resell your drone, they will ensure it is recycled responsibly to ensure any precious materials can be reused for new gadgets.

Find out how much you can get when you sell my drone through us today. Have any other gadgets that you want to sell? Make sure you check out the other sections of our website, where we can help you sell other gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, smartwatches, gaming consoles, and more. Any questions? Please contact us directly or view our FAQs section. We look forward to helping you get cash for your old gadgets.

FAQ - Have a question?

Sell my Drone FAQs

What Happens After I Sell Used Drones through Sell My Gadget?

Depending on which buyer you choose, there are several options of what will happen with your old drone camera. Once you have packaged and sent the drone to the recycler, they will check the condition of your gadget and determine the best outcome. This could be a repair or refurbishment to restore the drone to full working order, or it could be resold or recycled as it is, for example, if it is beyond economic repair. The recyclers you choose when you sell my drone will decide on whether it still has value or whether it needs to be dismantled to use the parts so that they can go back into manufacture instead. This is so any precious metals or recyclable elements can be reused rather than being disposed of.

Many recyclers will be looking for working gadgets, however, some may be happy to buy a non-working drone from you. Depending on how damaged or beyond repair your drone is, will determine how much you will be able to get for it, with full working gadgets receiving the highest prices. If you want to sell used drones but they are heavily damaged physically or have suffered water damage, you may find they will only be able to offer to responsibly dispose of the drone at no cost.

The quicker you can send your drone to the buyer after agreeing with a price, the faster you will receive the money into your bank account. No money will be sent until the drone has been received by the buyer and checked to ensure the condition is as agreed when the offer was made. Once checked and approved, you should then receive the funds within 1 to 2 working days from when the buyer acknowledges your device has arrived and is as described. The buyer will inform you how the payment will be made, usually via bank transfer, PayPal or sometimes via cheque or voucher. If for any reason you do not receive the funds within 1 to 2 working days, please contact the buyer directly. In some cases, the payment may not be received for several days. If after contacting the seller you still have not received the funds, please contact us.