Being responsible

At Sell My Gadget, we take our responsibilities to all of our customers and partners extremely seriously. 

Firstly, we choose the companies with who we partner carefully. Ensuring that we have carried out thorough checks, on their financial viability, and their environmental credentials, before they are able to join our website. We continue to monitor their performance, and ensure they maintain these standards through continuously looking at customer feedback. 

At Sell My Gadget, we have a thorough knowledge of the processes and systems involved in recycling electronic, and electrical equipment. It is important for us that we ensure that our partners comply with the latest Environmental Agency regulations and have a commercial Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) license.

By setting these standards, and ensuring these criteria are met by our partners, our users will obtain the best offer for them. Whilst being confident that their device will be recycled responsibly.

Why you should recycle your unused gadgets

Many people choose to recycle old or unwanted devices to receive money in return. However, there are strong and prominent environmental reasons why you should consider recycling your old phone, laptop, tablet, gaming console, or other devices. 

There is a growing understanding and awareness that the earth's resources are not everlasting. Meaning we should all do as much as we can to reduce the need for raw materials and to prevent the amount of environmental pollution caused by human waste. 

A study by the Royal Society of Chemistry estimated that there are up to 40 million unused gadgets in UK homes.

Secondly, modern electronic devices contain many valuable materials. These are in fact in limited supply and can be extracted and reused again. 

These materials include: 

  • The metal 'indium'. This is vital to create touch screens used in mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. As this metal is transparent and conducts electricity. Plus it can also be used in solar panels. 
  • The metal 'tantalum'. This is used in mobile phones, hearing aids, pacemakers, surgical implants, electrodes for neon lights, turbine blades, rocket nozzles, and nose caps for supersonic aircraft. 

Scientists have estimated that both indium and tantalum mines could run out within a century. This emphasises the importance, and need to recycle the metal which is already in use, where possible. 

From phones and tablets to cameras and gaming consoles

Mobile phones or smartphones are devices that our users sell most frequently. Simply because people tend to change their phones so regularly, more so than gaming consoles and cameras. 

Whether you have an iPhone, or Android device, we have a range of buyers and recyclers who will buy all the major phone brands. 

Other popular items that our users sell include MacBooks, tablets, and smartwatches. But we also compare prices for many other gadgets, that can be left lying around your home unused. These include PlayStations, Xbox, and Nintendos. Plus, digital cameras, including GoPros, SLRs, and drones, as well as iPods.