About Us

Sell My Gadget is a comparison website. We help our customers sell their unwanted electronic devices for the best price. Comparing cash offers from some of the UK's most popular tech recycling companies.  

The benefit of using Sell My Gadget is the instant comparison of prices, from multiple recyclers, all in one place. Saving you time and effort, in getting the best price for your phone, laptop, tablet, games console, or smartwatch. 

Our team has, collectively, more than 20 years of experience in the mobile communications industry. We have seen first-hand how rapidly consumers change their mobile phones, laptops, gaming consoles, and other digital devices. Meaning there is a growing mountain of unwanted and unused devices. So, we decided to use this market knowledge, use our connections with recycling companies, and our understanding of relevant regulations to tackle this issue. 

Our solution was to create a one-stop-shop, that brings together consumers and recyclers. Allowing consumers to recycle their unwanted gadgets for the best price. 

Benefits of using SellMyGadgets:

  • Consumers receive money for their unwanted and unused devices. Rather than leaving them in a cupboard to collect dust 
  • Recycling companies receive electric devices which can be either repaired or refurbished and then resold or recycled 
  • All the recyclers we use are certified by the Environment Agency and have a commercial Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) license
  • All the devices are reused or recycled in line with UK environmental regulations 
  • If devices are recycled, many elements are reused either for new gadgets or in other devices. E.g. metal tantalum can be used in hearing aids and pacemakers as well as phones. Scientists have estimated that tantalum mines could run out within a century 
  • The amount of overall waste is reduced, as up to 80% of a phone is recyclable

Electric devices that can be compared on SellMyGadget:

  • Mobile phones include iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google, and Android phones 
  • Desktop computers, laptops, and Macbooks 
  • Tablets including iPad, MediaPad, and Galaxy Tab 
  • Smartwatches including iWatch, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Gear 
  • Gaming consoles including Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo 
  • Digital cameras including SLRs, GoPros, and drone cameras

For more information, visit our FAQs page