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If you have plenty of old gadgets that are just gathering dust and you’re not sure what to do with them, we can help you recycle your gadgets for a great price. When thinking “where can I sell my gadgets?” This can be time-consuming and you may not find all the best sites to compare and find the best quote. That’s where Sell My Gadget can save you time and boost your gadget value.

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Sell My Gadgets Online - Compare cash prices from a range of top gadget recyclers in the UK and find the hidden value in your old tech.

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Where Can I Sell My Gadgets in the UK?

We compare cash prices from these gadget recyclers in the UK.

We partner with some of the largest gadget recyclers to help you find the best possible price for your old gadgets, all complying with Environmental Agency regulations.

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Who is Does buy my device? What is an IMEI number? For how long are the offers for my device valid?

Does Sell My Gadget buy my device?
We are a price comparison website helping customers find the best value for their old gadgets all in one place. After searching for the device you want to sell using our search function, we’ll show you an instant comparison of multiple sites that can potentially buy your device. Sell My Gadget doesn’t buy the device from you, instead brings you together with buyers that can whilst helping you responsibly recycle your old device. Quick and simple to use, try our search function today to help Sell My Gadgets online.
Every device is different in value and the amount offered by buyers will vary depending on many things including the model, condition, and functionality of the device. By using Sell My Gadget, we will show you all the available buyers for your particular device and the potential value. You’ll be able to fine-tune the search results based on the condition to reflect if it is in a new condition or broken. The price quoted will update accordingly when wanting to sell my old gadgets. Then all you need to do is click ‘Sell Now’ to checkout the device and fill in your details. Of course, the better condition your device is in, the better price you will receive when looking to sell my gadgets in the UK.
If you want to use Sell My Gadget to sell your mobile phone it will need to be unlocked. If your device is originally from one of the networks, you will need to contact them to remove the bar. When a phone is locked to a network, it means you cannot use any other network SIM. The recycling companies we use will only be able to buy an unlocked device from you so you must ensure any of your devices are not locked.
If you are concerned that your device may not reach the recycler in the condition you sent it, there are a few things you can do to ensure it safely arrives. When going through the checkout process, you’ll see that free postage is offered by many of the recyclers we work with, but you can choose to send the device to them yourself. For high-value gadgets, we recommend sending via Royal Mail Special Delivery or similar courier service. Most recyclers will send you a postage pack with a Freepost label, but using a Special Delivery service instead can insure the item in case of being lost or damaged in transit and provide you with a tracking number. You can find out more about Sending Your Gadget here. Whether you choose to send via courier or Freepost, it is highly recommended to securely package your gadget using bubble wrap or other protective material to help cushion it and using strong tape to keep your package firmly sealed.
We can still help you if you want to sell a device that is broken or not currently in working order. Most recycling companies will still offer to recycle your gadgets but either at a reduced value or depending on the extent of the damage, at no value. Those gadgets deemed unsellable will either be severely twisted, bent, crushed or snapped or those that have water damage. There are many types of damage that can occur to gadgets and it will depend on the buyer what is in the acceptable range, such as damage screen or button. Please be as accurate with the condition as possible to ensure the price quoted can be confirmed after the device has been sent and inspected.